4 Simple Ways to Update Your Garden for Spring

Spring Garden Updates

Springtime is a few days away!  Time to clean and update the garden!  Here are a few thoughts to get you in the spring garden spirit!

Grow roses in potatoes?

So I first came across this method of growing roses on Pinterest and almost didn’t believe it at first but after doing a little research it appears to be true!  You find a rose that you love and buy it fresh.  Cute the the flower and the bottom tip of the stem.  Then with a clean screw driver make a hole in the potato the same size as the rose stem and plant!
Amateur Gardening has an easy step by step process.  Give it a try and let me know how it works out!

Add color and perfume to your garden with lavender.

Originating from the English countryside,lavender loves the sun, does well in most climates and has a soft fragrance to keep you at peace when in your garden.  Its fairly easy to grow and will look beautiful when cut and makes for wonderful aromatic sachet or potpourri filled pillow.   A must have in your garden!
Purple Hazel Lavender has some easy to follow steps on how to grow and care for lavender.

Unique Garden Finds

I feel like I hit the jack pot each time I find a cute item for my garden.  This past weekend I went to pick up a few things at the pharmacy and found these adorable little rain boot planters. I also found them on EBay.  Adorable touch for your garden!
Drugs stores and craft stores have some unique seasonal finds at really good prices and you can repurpose them to use year round.  I have gotten flowers pots, lavender seeds with the pot, garden happy signs and so much more at these stores.

Add charm to your garden with bird houses

Bird house are unique and add pops of color to your garden.  They are also fun projects for the kids. They are about 1-5 dollars at the craft store and the kids have so much fun painting them.  Its a joy to see them hung on a tree as a reminder of the beautiful art your little ones did! Here are a few I found at Michaels.
If you’re not into the arts and crafts thing, check out Big Lots or  Wayfair .  You can find some pretty good selection of bird houses.
Happy Spring!

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