Mason Jars. 6 Ways to Use this Classic Country Staple

Mason jars are classic, simple and I’m obsessed with them!  They make beautiful vases, perfect storage containers, candle holders, great for mixing and blending dressings and so much more.  The uses are endless!!!!  And the best part, is that they are super affordable! Here are a few of my favorite  ways to use mason jars.

Mason Jars

Herbs in a jar.

Use mason jars to create an herb garden in your kitchen.
Simple and easy to assemble by Crafts Unleashed .

Paint and Distress

Use chalk paint to add the distressed look. It All Stared with Paint has some tips on how to get this look.

Mason Jar Caddy

LOVE this DIY caddy by Building Our Hive.  Very easy and will for sure impress!
jar cad

Looking for a pin cushion?

This DIY will look good on a shelf and is a practical on the go sewing kit.  Makes a great gift too!

Lights Out?

Make an emergency kit to keep in every room of your home.  Great idea by Craft Yourself!


Salad anyone?

Make taking lunch to work more enjoyable by prepping your salad in a mason jar.


Share your favorite mason jar uses with us!  Have a great day!

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